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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Good day Supermamas, I promised myself that I was not going to use this challenge to sell to you. I have seen posts that I know I can assist with, but want your decision to work with us to be an obvious choice when you are ready. That is not me to pressure anyone as I want people to decide to want to work with our team. I will say this and leave it here on the challenge. If you are staying with your schedule then you should be seeing your supply maintaining or increasing. If you are not staying on schedule then it may mean you need to tweak schedule. If supply is not increasing then it may mean that you may need to tweak pump, flange, flange, products, and schedule (or an underlying condition may be present). I do not want you to get to the end of this challenge and not see results. If you want to develop a personalized plan together, book a Premier Pumping Consult at the link below.



Overnight Pump Challenge group set up to pump overnight duri...
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