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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Please read this….

Introduce yourself, how far along you are postpartum, let us know your planned overnight pump times so we can start to keep each other accountable.

Come back to this thread below daily to share your thoughts on our daily inspirational messages and questions during the day or during your overnight pumps.

Michaela B.
2 hours ago

Hi Everyone! I’m Nicole and I am 5 weeks pp. I am currently pumping now as I type this lol. My overnight pump times are 12am and 4am. Really looking to increase my supply. I’m currently formula feeding and giving baby whatever breast milk I pump. Baby is currently drinking 5 oz of formula at every feed. I wish I could produce this amount of breast milk for him. I am only producing 5 oz in total by my 8pm pump :(



Overnight Pump Challenge group set up to pump overnight duri...
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