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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Hi everyone, I'm from Ontario, Canada and I'm 10 weeks PP tomorrow with baby #2 - my first is 22 months. I primarily nurse but have been trying to increase milk supply since baby was born. He ended up with lip and tongue ties which affected his ability to feed and created a low milk supply. He got them released a few weeks ago and is now learning how to properly feed but because I had to supplement with formula since early on, I'm still trying to play catch up. I typically pump at 10 after baby goes down and 1:30 as baby has been sleeping decent stretches through the night. So I'll stick to those and add in 4:30 this month as well. The extra pump will hopefully help! 🙏

Jen K
Michaela B.

Hi Shauna! My baby boy had a lip/tongue tie as well that we had revised at 5 weeks. It has been tough so I empathize with you! We got this 💪🏾



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