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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Hi ladies! I’m Jen, I have a 2 year old and 12 week old. I’ve been struggling to get over 6 pumps a day lately mainly due to difficulty with overnight pump sessions. I supplement with formula and when my alarm goes off at 3 AM, my brain thinks that if she’s already getting a little formula, what’s a few more ounces and I go back to sleep. I then regret it in the AM. My 2 year old mainly had formula from day 1 and she’s perfect so I know there’s nothing wrong with formula but my goal is to increase my supply to not need to supplement for the time being. My pump times will be 12,3,6,9. Looking forward to this group to keep me accountable during those early morning sessions!

Michaela B.

I have a 2 year old and a 12 week old as well! I had SUCH a hard time getting uo because my baby is a great sleeper (my first was a terrible sleeper so waking up every 3 hours was normal for both of us haha). This one I gave formula for the first week while my milk came in. It was so easy to just do that, but he started having tummy issues and it really motivated me to make sure I was getting up to pump. I learned how to sleep sitting up 🤣. Now that I'm past 12 weeks, my goal is to do 7 pumps per day. I know I get 6 during the day, but that 7th at 3:30 is the wild card!! You can do this!!



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