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Overnight Pump Challenge

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Pumping Chronicles: so this has happened to me on maybe two occasions or maybe more. My 3:00am pump is my hardest pump to stay awake. So today apparently I was so tired that I dozed off so long, that by the time I woke up I had spent 26 minutes on massage mode with no expression. So I literally had to start my pump session all over because I needed to empty these boobs. Happy pumping!!

Michaela B.

Oh man, something similar happened to me the other night. I happen to pump completely in expression (it's what works best for my body) but I fell asleep and left it at 4 instead of 5 and it didn't empty me out, so I had to spend an extra 15 min on 5 to make sure I was empty!! It definitely sucks because you want to go to sleep haha!



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