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Hi everyone!

Lately I have been having a very hard time getting up for my 4 am pumping. I am pretty sure my almost 6 month old is teething so she is waking up more frequently at night. When my alarms go off for my session I turn it off and go back to sleep. And will wake up between 530-6 on my own. What are you doing to get yourself up for early morning pumping?

Currently I have my phone on vibration and have my alarm set for 4am and goes off every 15 mins from then. It's clearly not working. My whole schedule has been off this week and I need to get back on track.

May 22, 2023

Sending love your way. I too sometimes miss my pump time… last night I stopped the 5am and woke at 5.

I can suggest when you are tired keeping the pump next to you and a cooler bag so you can store the milk once it is pumped and not have to get up out of bed. That works for me on nights when I am really tired because usually I get up and go into another room to pump. But after my MN or 1am pump I clean my parts dry them reassemble and move everything to the bedroom. This is where I guess onepumpedmama’s caddy would come in handy.. which I do not have.

Hope this helps.



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