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Exclusive Pumping

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Hey everyone! I'm a mom of two with an 11 1/2 year gap between my kids. Nursing and pumping with my youngest that's 6 months old, did the same for my first. I've done a lot with my kids as far as flying across the country and to Europe while breastfeeding (without my baby). I'd love to help with travel tips if you guys have any questions. I can only speak to what it was like flying with milk in Europe 11 years ago but traveling through out the US I can speak to in more present day as we've flown with my youngest from East coast to west coast on a few different airlines (never used frontier). Please note, a lot of what we have now for milk storage, we didn't have 11 years ago when I had my first baby so it was adapt and improvise but with similar methods.

Jun 05, 2023

First thank you for volunteering your experience. I have a question is a pump bag checked free and a diaper bag?

Read that the pump is considered medical equipment so it is checked free… true or false



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