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Exclusive Pumping

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I am a little over 6 months into exclusive pumping and its been going really well. Solid supply, fee like i am emptying well, and have never had an issue with clogs or engorment. Ive been on the same pump schedule (4 times a day) for over a month and am very consistant with it and it works well for me. The last few days out of nowhere i am starting to feel engorged before my usual pumping time. To the point where sometimes i need to pump a bit early and it throws off my schedule. I am still emptying during every pump (it feels like at least) so i cant figure out whats causing the pain. Has anyone experiences this or have tips or ideas to help?? Hoping to keep going til my sons is around one so not ready to wean yet

Jun 18, 2023

Something is going on and listening to your body is best. You may not be emptying as well as you think. Support can also increase just as well as increase, could be a hormonal shift, could be pump or flange of pulp setting need to be re-checked. Pump parts could need to be replaced and so much more. If you ever want to discuss, you can click the link below.



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