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Exclusive Pumping

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Has anyone ever pumped with flanges out at a restaurant?

Well I did for the first time yesterday! And nothing happened. No one even said anything.

So I live in Oklahoma and Sunday morning around midnight we had thunderstorm warnings and I didn't think anything of it because we get them all the time here. But then it turned into 90-100mph winds and so many trees and power lines came down. So we are out of power until Saturday unless ours comes back sooner. I have been using my small motor pump when at home or at a restaurant and my workhouse pump in the car with the car adapter because i dont owm the battery version (please get the battery upgrade on your workhorse pumps y"all) . My parents have a generator so they took my freezer stash and I have been pumping a few bottles ahead and putting it in my ceres chill.

I just want to let yall know you can pump anywhere with the right pump and tools-even during a power outage. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



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