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Exclusive Pumping

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Hello! I am EP and supplementing as needed with formula so I don't stress myself out! I have a few different pumps but I think my Elvie Stride is my favorite! My only downfall so far is the nausea I get when my breasts get to full because I do not have a schedule.

Jun 20, 2023


I use to supplement one bottle a day for my baby until I got on a schedule. Now I make enough to feed the baby and put a 5/6oz bag to freeze. I recommend getting a consult and making sure you’re using the right pump and flange. Also, you can track your extra milks so you can freeze at a larger quantity instead of 1/2oz a day. If I have an extra oz or two, I make a note of it and wait till day 3 at night to consolidate it and freeze it.



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