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Nursing & Pumping

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Hey all! We're pumping and nursing 10weeks pp and still need a little bit of help from formula to get us where we need to be. Pumping directly after every feed (7 times a day) but only getting 1 oz at a time. Still need to magically create an extra 7oz a day to get to exclusive breastfeeding (pumping and nursing). Any tips?

09 de mai. de 2023

It depends on pump and flange, but being 7 ounces from not giving formula is less than an ounce each pumping session. With a Premier Pumping Consult abd going through your pump, flange, products, and schedule…I have been able to help so many get off of formula. 7 ounces may not be a lot barring any underlying conditions once you have the personalized plan.



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