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Nursing & Pumping

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Hello everyone my name is Destinee and I'm a mom of two beautiful baby girls. My oldest is 5 and my second is 2 months. I pump and nurse mostly nurse. Right now I'm having issues with my milk supply. I'm seeing a decrease in my milk supply, and it's got to the point where I am using formula to supplement. The formula is making my baby's tummy hurt, so is there anything that I could do to bring my milk production back up? I drink around 100oz of water every day I eat about 3 times a day and snack throughout. I also take supplements, "Legendary Milk Pump princess" and my own placenta. If you could please help with any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!!


Nursing creates a just enough supply at best for your baby. If you need to increase supply outside of nursing then best to get a plan to add pumping to your nursing journey. 🤎 Please be careful with herbals and placenta pills. They can have the opposite decrease supply depending on the person.



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