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Nursing & Pumping

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share that one of my biggest challenges in my breastfeeding journey is pumping at work! I'm an engineer and surrounded by men at work, I work at different sites (substations) everyday and so when the time comes (I try not to go past 2/3hrs each pump) I have to go find a spot to sit and pump (I use my wearable Youha Gen 2 pump at work & my spectra S1 at home).

We don't have fridges at site, so I bring along my coolbag & milk storage bags.

I find the cleaning/sanitizing part hard; I usually wipe down with wet wipes first that is made for wiping pacifiers & then rinse off with boiling water that I also brought from home & then further wipe it dry. It takes me 20mins to pump & 20mins for me to clean my pump parts. I do feel guilty that I have to have time out during work to do this. Just wondering if this is a good cleaning method, or should I do more: like use a ceres wash basin? Attached is a pic of my cleaning station that I set up, i'm lucky if i can find a surface to even place my pumps down on :')

I'm a ftm btw (3mths) :)



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