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Are You a Victim or a Victor to the Pump?

Everyone has a different story when it comes to their pumping journey. Some gave it a try and quickly decided that it wasn’t the journey they wanted, for some mamas it came very easy from the beginning and they had no trouble sticking to a pumping schedule, and to others they may have started out pumping but decided to stop due to life changes or even just exhaustion!

If you fell victim to the pump there is no shame in that and know that NO ONE looks at you as a failure.

If you came out victorious to the pump congratulations. Pumping can easily wear any mama out from time to time, but you stuck to your schedule and made it through.

The main goal is to understand your body and not to compare your pumping journey to anyone else’s because every baby’s needs are different.

It’s also important not to allow yourself to continuously view content that talks down on moms who don’t pump or nurse or to be around people that make you feel uncomfortable about whatever decision you have made when it comes to feeding your baby.

Are you a Victim or Victor to the pump?

Book a Premier Pumping Consult if you are having concerns with your pumping journey!

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