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The Bandwagon Effect of Pumping

The Bandwagon Effect 

(And why Pump with Purpose refuses to join any for pumping )

The bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or override.

Understood as a form of manipulation to influence people to join with a trend in politics or consumer behavior. The implication is that since so many other people are doing it, it must be good, or at least acceptable. 

Some of the factors that can influence the bandwagon effect include:


-A desire to be right 

-A need to be included 

Becoming aware of the subtle influences that may be stealing our happiness is worthy of our time and attention. We are all so dramatically affected by the people around us. 

When we are surrounded by people who settle for less, there is sure to be a bandwagon effect. If we jump on that bandwagon, we start feeling like those on the wagon do. 

Pumping Bandwagon 

-One pump can fit all 

-One flange sizing 

-As long as it doesn’t hurt 

-Small motor can be used as primary 

-Wearable can be used as primary 

What this ALL means…

Pump with Purpose will not…

-trade care for followers

-be brought

-tell you one size fits all approaches 

-join any mean girl mentality of pumping 

-tell you to settle or just accept your journey 

-tell you to give up 

-make you second guess yourself 

-bring anyone down to lift myself up 


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