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Why We Support Double Pumping

Please stop believing that hand expression can empty better than a pump:

Efficacy of milk removal has been shown to be significantly higher with breast pumps compared to hand expression. Most likely due to the absence of vacuum during hand expression and the reliance on internal positive pressure within the milk ducts only.

We believe that double electric pumping can be more beneficial to remove higher milk volumes:

Evidence suggests that significantly higher milk volumes are expressed with a hospital grade pump when compared to hand expression.

Reason why pumping can be beneficial to emptying the breast:

In this connection, weak vacuums applied by the infant during breastfeeding may also negatively impact milk removal, requiring additional expression to achieve adequate breast emptying to maintain or establish milk production.

Double pumping has been found to be better than pumping both breasts separately:

Furthermore, double pumping is more efficacious when compared to sequential single pumping, with more milk removed during milk ejections during double pumping.

Hand Expression = Out

Double Pumping = In

…If you are trying to increase milk supply and reach an oversupply or your full supply.

Seriously though, double pumping is how you’re going to collect the most milk from your breasts!

Does double pumping work for you? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Note: If hand expression or other methods work best for you, then do what is best for you👍🏽

Book a Premier Pumping Consult today if you would like assistance with double pumping with the right pump, flange, products, and schedule.


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