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Nursing & Pumping

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Hi! New to the group.... I'm 5 weeks postpartum and I would consider myself an undersupplier/borderline "just enougher".

(No more than 3oz per session & he's eating 4oz)

Yes I'm nursing on demand when it's not too painful for him to latch.

Yes I'm pumping or nursing every 2-3 hours.

pumpin for at least 20-30 mins a session

Yes I have an effective breast pump and replace my parts in a timely fashion

I really don't wanna pump exclusively because I love the bond from latching but I'm expecting to return to work in June and am struggling keeping up with baby's demands..


May 09, 2023

Something could be going on as an underlying condition that would impede you from making more than baby. The eat more, drink more, pump more, sleep more, stress less is not the answer if something else is going on. Happy to put together a personalized plan with you. You do not have to struggle alone. Half of my clients nurse, but if something else is going on then we would need to bring in your doctor. You deserve answers.



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