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Features To Look For When Buying a Breast Pump

Hey mamas!

When it comes to buying a breast pump there are 3 key features that you need to be on the lookout for and those are:

  1. Your ability to customize

  2. Suction settings

  3. Effective at emptying

Like I always say, all breast pumps and parts are not created equally and just because there may be one that is popular that everyone is raving about, it doesn’t mean that that is the right pump for you.

So, when looking for a pump you should check to see if there are customization options for cycles and levels. Having this option will allow you to pump using the best settings for you and it will allow you to change them as necessary!

You should also look into the suction levels of the pumps. The maximum suction level on some pumps may simply not be enough for your needs and pumping goals. Conversely, the lowest pump setting may be too strong for you. This is why researching pumps to narrow down your selection is very important before making a purchase.

Therefore, working with a lactation professional that specializes in pumping is key as we understand the intricate details of pumps and can help guide you when making breast pump selection decisions.

Being able to remove the majority of the milk available or “emptying” will help your body to continue to have an increase or at least maintain your milk production. It is not always easy to know how effective pumps are at emptying, so it is good to consult with a professional about which pumps are best at doing that.

I would love to help you find the perfect pump that has all three of these features!

Book a Premier Pumping Consult today!

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